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Obituary for Corey Sherman Martin Jr.

Corey-The Life Story

He was born in Norfolk, VA at Sentara Leigh hospital. He was one of two boys born that 2nd day of February 2002. He was a happy kid and grew up to be very good man.

If you were down and needed a smile, all you needed to do was ask Corey. He could make any occasion or situation better just with his smile. Everyone he encountered gained something from his presence. His smile was infectious, his laugh was sweet music to your ears, and he always tried to be a good friend.

His favorite number was two because everything that was special in his life dealt with number two. He would always want to be the number two in every sport he played. But in football he always had the number 8 or 88. However, with everything else he had 2, 11 or 22. What a coincidence!

Corey lived a carefree life enjoying everything that he participated in. As his coach told him one day, when do you sleep. Cause you come to me at 6am then to me at 2:15 and leave to go to conditioning for volleyball then go to 6 o’clock volleyball practice. He was told to be your best you must stay focused and committed. He was all of that as he grew to love his sports.

Although he was not interested in wanting to play volleyball, he quickly fell in love, and wanted to be the best he could be. He loved playing and traveling with his friends all over the place. And enjoyed the happiness that came with learning and playing this sport.

He was so talented and gifted. He taught himself to play the guitar from listening to songs with guitars. He played the piano, the violin and lettered in every sport he played. From volleyball, to basketball, to outdoor track and field, he could have played any sport he wanted too. When he was nine, he played in two different football leagues. He would play a game in the morning and a game in the afternoon, cause he loved hitting people. But he was a gentle giant. One game, he hit the kid so hard that he had to go ask if he was alright and help him up. That’s the kind of kid he was.

A talented kid that didn’t realize how talented he was. He would always hear if he could just be serious, he could be great. But he always had a smile, even when he was mad cause he couldn’t hold on to the madness for too long.
A gift given but taken too soon. Corey, you will forever be loved and missed by everyone you ever met. With a heavy heart we say so long for now, till we meet again. Love you always and forever an angel is watching over us.